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My name is Michael and I'm the founder of The Neuropals Project. When I was 45, I was diagnosed with "Asperger Syndrome", a condition on the autism spectrum. All autistic people share certain difficulties, but being autistic affects all of us in different ways. People on the autism spectrum see, hear and feel the world differently to other people. Being diagnosed changed my life and started me on a journey of self-discovery.

If you're on the autism spectrum, you probably want to feel less isolated and find ways to be social that are compatible with your more rigid routines and lifestyle. For instance, you'd like someone to go hiking with on Saturdays, someone to play videogames with on weeknights, or maybe just a pen pal from a far off place and so forth.

"I often found myself isolated and unable to participate in new experiences."

Prior to being diagnosed, I had a successful career as a videogame executive and software engineer at Electronic Arts, Microsoft, and Sony, but found it difficult to integrate socialization into my everyday personal life. Because of my rigid routines and the energy output required to mask my autistic behaviors, I often found myself isolated and unable to participate in new experiences.

Over the years, I joined a number of social networks, meet-up groups, community groups, and online dating sites with little success. One day, I had an "aha moment," as I came to understand how a person on the autism spectrum can learn to be successful at masking social behaviors, yet unable to easily integrate socialization into their daily routines.

Finally, curiosity lead me to wonder if others like me had similar experiences and if a social network designed for people on the autism spectrum could make socializing easier and practical. And, this is the genesis that eventually became our purpose.

"...we emphasize "one to one" vs. "one to many" interactions..."

We emphasize more private and "one to one" vs. "one to many" interactions since people on the autism spectrum generally favor these types of social engagements. Here, you'll find others who share and embrace your unique interests, hobbies, and lifestyle. Your safety is our #1 priority, and, unlike conventional social platforms, the way people interact here is different. Because safety is a core feature of our community, a credit pack or a subscription plan is required to access private messaging.

Neuropals is made possible by sponsorships and support from members like you. We offer no cost memberships with limited messaging and affordable subscription plans. Our subscriptions are an added benefit of membership and members gain extended access to more features and unlimited messaging.

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PS: Legacy of Hans Asperger
Asperger syndrome shares its name with Hans Asperger, an Austrian physician in the 20th century. In 2018, an eight-year study was published by Herwig Czech into Dr. Asperger's relationship with the Nazi regime. The study concludes that while Dr. Asperger was not a member of the Nazi Party, he had participated in the Third Reich’s child-euthanasia program, which aimed to establish a “pure” society.” The study has sparked discussion across social media, especially those who identify with the terms "Asperger Syndrome" and "Aspie." We are paying close attention to this conversation so we can continue to make certain the language we use to describe autism reflects the preferences of autistic people and their families.

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Creator & Founder, The Neuropals Project

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